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I’m lucky enough to interview a lot of people for our team, and to meet with a lot of out hotel partners, and one question, comes up a lot:

“Why did you create ZUZU?”

ZUZU was created out of a desire to help independent hoteliers be great independent hoteliers.  As the demands on hoteliers to optimise their distribution; fine-tune their revenue management; and build online marketing capabilities continued to snowball, we felt that independent hoteliers first of all, couldn’t effectively compete in this space, and secondly, this was taking them away from focusing on delivering great traveller experiences in their hotels.
So we built, ZUZU Hospitality Solutions, to deliver world-class professional services for independent hotels, to drive revenue through higher occupancy and better rates, and to lower complexity and costs.
We build the tools, and deliver the service through our team, so that hoteliers don’t have to worry about building these capabilities in-house. We build these tools for our network of hotels to give them the power that you’d get from being part of a chain, but without the expense, constraints, commitment or uniformity that being part of a chain would entail.
We let hoteliers focus on being great hoteliers.

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