Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – A Hospitality Edition

Liau Wen Ting
Oct 22, 2020
3 min read

A virus with no known cure sweeps across the world. Once bustling streets are completely deserted as people are asked to stay in their homes. Physical interactions are severely limited for fear of getting infected. The current pandemic seems to bear eerie parallels to a Zombie Apocalypse. What are you doing to survive?

Our Founders teamed up with MG Group’s President Director for a session on ITB Asia to look at the greatest zombie movies of all time to gain some insights. Here are our top 10 survival tips.


Watch the video here


1.    Get your supplies

Stocking up on supplies may make a difference between life and death.

Nobody knows how long an apocalypse is going to last. As you plan for your business, make sure you prepare for the long haul. Recovery is slow at the moment. Consider what actions you need to take if the pandemic lasts for another year or even more.


2.    Be fast

If you can’t be faster than the zombies, at least be faster than the others!

Endurance and speed matter. There will be times when swift changes to your business are required. Be prepared to make high quality decisions and execute them quickly. Think fast and act fast before it is too late.


3.     Travel light

If it doesn’t keep you alive, get rid of it.

Carrying additional weight will slow you down. Staying lean might just increase your chances for success. Carefully review all your expenses to determine if they are necessary for survival.


4.     Defend your territory

 Beware of inactivity, an enemy may just be encroaching into your territory.

Your territory is your customers. They have a loyalty to you which could be broken if you don’t actively defend your territory. Think about how you are engaging them during this pandemic. Keep the conversation with your customers going, so that when they are ready to travel again, you will be at the top of their minds.


5.     Get a kick ass partner

Everybody needs a partner to stay alive.

Don’t try to fend off the zombies all on your own. Explore potential partnerships that can help you to thrive in the current environment. Consider technology providers, marketing support or even destination partners and tap on their expertise to build a stronger business.


6.     Shoot first, ask later

Overreact now before you regret not taking swift action later.

While this may seem like a bad idea in normal times, it is the best strategy to survive when your life’s on the line. If necessary, make deeper cost cuts than required, change your organization structure dramatically and shake-up your pricing strategy before others do. Look out for the warning signs and make quick decisions.


7.     Learn to hunt

Food will not appear on your table unless you work for it.

In a world where the supply and demand balance has tilted dramatically, you need to be a lot more aggressive about getting your share. Instead of keeping a flat pricing strategy, react and respond to the changes around you. Experiment with new promotions and rate plans or implement new initiatives to create that demand.


8.     Beware of the bathrooms

It is a battle of the fittest where only the strongest will survive.

Things may seem to be slowing down, but this is not the time to relax. Stay alert and rally your team to go harder than before.


9.     Don’t give up

Where there’s life, there will be travel.

Zombies may be scary, but they are not indestructible. Despite the multiple disruptions and changes, things will eventually get better. Cures will be found. If not, there will be ways to manage and work around this situation.


10.     Enjoy the little things

Take time to enjoy the little things and stay positive.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is tough – mentally, physically and emotionally.  Build the morale of your team by celebrating the small wins or organizing some fun virtual games sessions. After all, we are in this for the long run.


Now, you should be equipped to survive the Zombie Apocalypse of the Hospitality Industry. If you’re looking for a kick ass partner, we may just be the one you have been searching for. Partner with ZUZU today.